What We Do

WordPress has become so popular and is such a powerful tool that governments are now using it. The WordPress sites we provide are modern and stylish and come to you SEO ready. We incorporate the latest technologies yet our websites are user friendly, requiring no coding knowledge from you at all. Contact us for a responsive, easily managed website that suits your budget.

Have you got an awesome idea for a Web application? Have you thought of an app based solution to a business problem but aren’t sure how to create it? We’re the experts you need. We have extensive experience, a proven track record and competitive prices. Get in touch with the best coders in Sydney to make your idea a reality.

So you’ve thought of an idea for a mobile application for your business, or maybe an idea for a new mobile app that thousands will want. Let us assist you in turning your idea into reality. Our coders have experience in building and developing a huge variety of mobile apps for all platforms. Contact us now. Our service is first class and our prices are competitive.

Sometimes you need to focus on your business but things that need your attention keep cropping up: the website needs updating, there’s apps to monitor, servers, domains ...the list can seem never ending. Let us take the hassle out of it for you so you can concentrate on growing your business. We manage your online presence and help you make the most of the best technologies around. Check out our packages here

Who We Are

Perceptive Mind started in the summer of 2014 by Naguib Ihab (A.K.A. Nick). Since then, our reputation for quality and service has spread. We had no need of expensive marketing campaigns as we gained the majority of our large client base through word of mouth. We have helped clients take their ideas from pencil sketches to reliable, innovative apps and beautiful, responsive websites. We take pride in what we do and spend time getting to know exactly what our clients want. If you use us, rest assured you will receive quality code and you will be involved in the entire process. You will be able to monitor the creation of your website/app and see it being built bit by bit. At the end of the process, we leave you with a user friendly, superb product we can both be proud of.

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