Customized Web and Mobile Development

Perceptive Mind started in the summer of 2014 by Naguib Ihab (A.K.A. Nick). Since then, our reputation for quality and service has spread. We had no need of expensive marketing campaigns as we gained the majority of our large client base through word of mouth. We have helped clients take their ideas from pencil sketches to reliable, innovative apps and beautiful, responsive websites. We take pride in what we do and spend time getting to know exactly what our clients want. If you use us, rest assured you will receive quality code and you will be involved in the entire process. You will be able to monitor the creation of your website/app and see it being built bit by bit. At the end of the process, we leave you with a user friendly, superb product we can both be proud of.

Programming is an act of creation. When we write code we are creating something out of nothing. We are boldly imposing order upon chaos. We are confidently commanding, in precise detail, the behaviors of a machine that could otherwise do incalculable damage. And so, programming is an act of supreme arrogance. Professionals know they are arrogant and are not falsely humble. A professional knows his job and takes pride in his work. A professional is confident in his abilities, and takes bold and calculated risks based on that confidence. A professional is not timid.

Robert Cecil Martin in Smart coding

Quality code

We take pride in our code, delivering an optimized, smart, reusable and documented code.

Latest Tech

PHP5, MySQL5.6, HTML5, CSS3, Android Java SDK, Objective C for IPhone, PhoneGap, Titanium are all languages that we are skilled with, with that wide scope we're able to cater for almost any kind of application


After the project is finished we don't leave you with some complex application and leave, with each project we provide extensive documentation to help you understand all aspects of your application and give you complete ownership.


If you ever get stuck with your finished application or want to add a section or page to your wordpress website, we're more than happy to have a chat over the phone and help you out even months after the project is finished.