Many software packages have had huge setbacks after release due to differing expectations or miscommunication between the developer and the client. To avoid these costly mistakes, we have come up with a step by step process that works for everyone right from the beginning.

Phase 1: A Friendly Chat

It is vitally important that there is a clear understanding between the client and the developer before the website/app is created and so the first step in the process is a friendly chat. This allows us to fully understand your expectations of the app and how you would like it to operate.
The way we do this is usually we meet up or have a Skype video conversation where we write a document that describes:

  1. The solution and purpose of the app/software.
  2. The problem your app/software is meant to solve.
  3. The main reason your app/software is needed in the market.
  4. Whether the problem has been previously addressed and in what way.
  5. The competition. Understanding and analysing your competition can save a lot of time, effort and money in the future.
  6. Where there is room for improvement on your competitor’s app/software and/or what your app/software’s point of difference will be.
  7. A brief description of the software/app encompassing all of the above.

Phase 2: Creating user stories

User stories are scenarios we create about the way the app/software will be used. We try to imagine a variety of users in a variety of situations using the app/software for a variety of purposes. We fine tune what you want to achieve with the software, how you want the app/software to impact the user and what the user should experience when using it.
This step helps detect features the system may be missing or ways in which the app could malfunction or be misused.

Phase 3: Gathering materials and content

The database is the base of the entire software and changes are costly after the software is up and running. Therefore, it is extremely important to get the database structure right from the beginning. We help you understand how the database works by creating a similiar excel version of it and then we gather data to assist in the creation of the database.
Any data is valuable; a sketch, documentation, images, texts, descriptions or any other form of data that is related and/or can be used in the software/app.

Phase 4: Analyzing and designing the software

Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. The analysis phase is important because it determines how and when the software will be developed. During this phase, we break down the requirements into individual tasks or milestones. At this point, we usually provide you with a timeline which outlines what to expect and when to expect it.

Phase 5: SRS (Software Requirements Specification)

Next we take everything that has been discussed thus far and put all the specifications and requirements of the task in a document. We define each feature of the software/app and what its functional and nonfunctional elements are. This defines the scope of the project.

Phase 6: Implementation and development

Finally, we are ready to safely and confidently move into the development phase. We like to provide transparency to our work so, during this phase, we use a particular browser based software to help us manage the tasks and keep track of our progress. You can monitor this at any time. It allows you to see where are we at and if there are any issues we're facing, thereby giving you total control of the project.

Phase 7: Documentation

We deliver a documented, reusable code to make sure that your project doesn't come to an end here. This ensures that you can easily have your app worked on by any developer down the track should you decide to add more features to it or change some of its functions. Without the documentation, it can take days to figure out the code, thus costing you more money.

Phase 8: Guarantee

Our stringent step by step process guarantees we deliver bug free software that meets our client’s expectations.