Collect More Mobile App

Project Description

Paul Metcalf's native Android mobile application that gives you an advice based on your input. The purpose of the app is to help you collect your debt, according to the amount of debt, the time it remains outstanding, the client's promises and multiple other factors the application would calculate through an algorithm the proper advice you need to be able to collect your debt.
Paul's testimonial:

Naguib and I started discussing him making the Android version for me back in January and from the very beginning I knew he knew his stuff and was someone I felt confident would represent my business in the best possible light. I think as small business owners when we engage another business to do something for us, them actually doing the job is only part of the overall experience- how they go about their work, their values and morals and how professional they are throughout the relationship is just as important, at least it is for me anyway. Naguib ticked every single one of these boxes and it got to a stage where he was more annoyed at the thought of him missing deadlines than I was. I was continually kept updated and his attention to detail was incredible- he refused to proceed with something unless it was perfect. If you need a website or app built to an extremely high standard by an ultimate professional, then Naguib is your man. Highly recommended- thanks again mate.

  • Skills:

    • Native Android